Bathroom tiles flooring cleaning

Bathroom tiles flooring cleaning

Public restrooms in various public venues such as cafes, bars, restaurants and shopping malls are frequently harboring bacterial germs, especially in the flooring tiles which poses hazardous risk to guests and patrons due to possibility of slips and stains found in the floors. Our floorscrubbing equipment can reduce the likelihood of germs thriving in the stained floors and eliminate slip hazards as our machines extracts and remove excess dirty water along side stain residues while scrubbing deep into pores and grouts of the flooring tiles.


11 September 2017


Public Venues

About Floorscrubbing Equipment

Floorscrubbing Equipment provides quality floor machines to improve the hygiene and cleanliness in the flooring surfaces with the use of dry steam vapour that eliminates the hazards caused by the chemical usage and traditional conventional cleaners.

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