Accommodation Lobby Area Cleaning

Accommodation Lobby Area Cleaning

Cleaning hard tiled flooring in lobby area in the accommodation venues can be very difficult, especially this area is commonly prone to frequent access of the visitors or patrons prevalent in daily basis. With frequent stains in contact from visitors on the flooring, it is critical to ensure the cleanliness and pristine appearance of the floor tiles to impress in-coming guests. Fortunately, our floorscrubbing equipment is specially designed with the mind of OH&S and ergonomic features to allow accommodation in-house cleaners operate to scrub and wash the tiles with minimal effort and without interruption.


11 September 2017



About Floorscrubbing Equipment

Floorscrubbing Equipment provides quality floor machines to improve the hygiene and cleanliness in the flooring surfaces with the use of dry steam vapour that eliminates the hazards caused by the chemical usage and traditional conventional cleaners.

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